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TRR2022 great closing event in Thialf

Geplaatst op maart 17, 2022

On Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 March, we organised the Thialf Record Races (TRR2022) in Thialf, Heerenveen.

With all kind of racing possibilities everybody could race his or her favorite distance or allround/sprint competition. Most participants came from The Netherlands, but we had also 20 skaters from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Romania and even Bolivia!

On Wednesday we started with the first two distances of the allround and sprint competitions: Allround Big, Allround Normal, Allround Small and Sprint. In the afternoon we had the single distances 3.000, 5.000 and 10.000 meter. On Thursday we had the final two distances of the allround and sprint competitions.

Next to a lot of SB’s and PB’s, there were skated a National Record and 9(!) IMSSC World Records!

Bolivian Record
During the single distance races, Erik Nijland (M65) skated the first 3.000 meter ever for Bolivia. So his time (5.36.83) is a national Bolivian record!

WR 10.000m M45
At the end of the first day, Robert Wierts skated a new world record on the 10.000 meter in the age group M45 in a time of 14.30.77. Unfortunately for him, a couple of seconds(!) behind him Arjan Elferink skated a new world record again. With his time of 14.20.23, he smashed the old world record of Harry Schut (14.34.95).

2x WR in Allround Small
During the Allround Small, Rene van Bernum skated two world records in his age group M55:
1.57.54 on the 1.500m. This record was on name of Victor van den Hoff since 2011 (Calgary) with a time of 1.57.99.
And a point record of 160.775 for the Allround Small. This was on since 2020 on his own name, skated in Berlin with a total point results of 162.567.

3x WR Allround Normal
Also on Allround Normal we had three WR’s points:
With a result of 189.131 Suzanne Mulder beated the WR from Imme Kampen in the L35, which was on 192.419.
But, Imme Kampen set the new WR in the L40 from 193.175 to a new record of 192.069! The old record was from Sandra van Bijlert.
And finally, also Kees Verdouw (M75) skated a new WR points: with 200.537 he beated the old record of 207.814 very convincingly. The old record was on name of the Norwegian Arne Kjeld Foldvik.

2x WR Allround Big
In the Allround Big, we had two new World Records in the ladies L30 and L55, because in those age groups the Allround Big was not skated yet officially. Danielle Frijters set the points WR in the L30 on 229.744 and Tialda Gerritsma put the WR in the L55 on 218.962.

WR 10.000m during Allround Big
And then finally, also in the final distance of the Allround Big we had an WR. Martin Hänggi (M50) skated his 10.000m in a time of 14.02.22. The old WR (14.04,98) he skated himself two years ago also in our TRR in Heerenveen. A nice present for the birthday man!

Congratulations for all results and WR’s!

During the whole event, we saw a lot of happy skaters! Happy that they were alowed to skate, that they could race together and happy that they could close this season on a great way.

Thanks to our enthusiastic jury team, referees and starters, we had a great event. Thank you all!

Here you find the total results TRR2022 incl. laptimes. The classifications per age group you find on the site


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