Wedstrijden voor jong en oud op snelle ijsbanen!

Training possibilities

Do you want to take someone to the Closing Banquet (like your partner or your coach)?

Official MSG2019 Training

  • Thursday 7th March: 16:00-17:15
  • Friday 8th March: 16:00-17:15

Test starts
During the Friday training session, the starters will be there, so that you can do some test starts.

Club training
Next to that, the local speed skating clubs of the 11Stedenhal will open their training hours this week for participants of MSG2019. These sessions are on: 

  • Monday 4th March: 18.55-19.55
  • Tuesday 5th March: 18.55-19.55
  • Wednesday 6th March: 18.25-19.55

If you want to make use of (one of) these sessions, you can just mention at the rink that you are participant of MSG2019 and then you can enter without costs. Just be aware of the other (club) skaters and remember that you are a guest on their training hour. We are very pleased that it is possible to make use of this training hours!

Other possibilities
Further you can use the ‘normal’ skating times from the rink. Here you can check the opening times for each day. This is 7 Euros per training.



Dankzij onze adverteerders kunnen wij al deze mooie wedstrijden organiseren. Ook adverteren via onze site en/of nieuwsbrief? Neem contact met ons op via!