Wedstrijden voor jong en oud op snelle ijsbanen!


Update 11 March

On Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 March 2020 we organize the very first edition of the “Masters” International Thialf Record Races (TRR). The TRR is an official IMSSC competition, so you can break IMSSC records at all possible distances, allrounds and sprint.

  1. Allrounds and sprint:
    • Sprint (500m, 1.000m, 500m, 1.000m)
    • Allround Small (500m, 1.500m, 1.000m, 3.000m)
    • Allround Normal (500m, 3.000m, 1.500m, 5.000m)
    • Allround Big (500m, 5.000m, 1.500m, 10.000m)
  2. Single distances:
    • 3.000m
    • 5.000m
    • 10.000m

Tuesday 10 March:
– Start: 10:00 with allround and sprint day 1
– Start: about 14:30 with single distances as following: 3.000m, 5.000m, 10.000m.
Wednesday 11 March:
– Start: 10:00 with allround and sprint day 2

Startlist day 1
Startlist day 2

Ranking Allround Big after day 1
Ranking Allround Normal after day 1
Ranking Allround Small after day 1
Ranking Sprint after day 1
Ranking Allround Normal non-masters after day 1
Ranking Allround Small non-masters after day 1
Ranking Sprint non-masters after day 1
Results 3.000m single distances
Results 5.000m single distances
Results 10.000m single distances
Final ranking Allround Big
Final ranking Allround Normal
Final ranking Allround Small
Final ranking Sprint
Final ranking Allround Normal non-masters
Final ranking Allround Small non-masters
Final ranking Sprint non-masters
All results per race incl. lap times

World Records
9 offical IMSSC World Records have been broken the first day. Over the whole two days there have been broken 27(!) World Records!!

Sign in on time!
All participants have to sign in at the registration table (on the press tribune near the 500m finish) on Tuesday:
– Participants Allround and Sprint: before 09:30
– Participants Single Distance 3.000m: before 13:30
– Participants Single Distance 5.000m: before 14:00
– Participants Single Distance 10.000m: before 14:30

Statement Coronavirus
Following on the current situation with the corona virus, MCLN, in line with the KNSB, has no reason to take preventive measures for the 1st Masters’ International Thialf Record Races in Heerenveen. MCLN and the KNSB follow the advice of our National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and therefore see no reason to cancel this competition.

The organization requests you to take the following preventive measures recommended by RIVM:
– Wash your hands regularly
– Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
– Use paper tissues

If there are any changes regarding the preventive approach to the virus, we will inform everyone as soon as possible.”
Read the whole statement

Communication via Sportity App
For all communication about the TRR2020 we will use the Sportity App. This means that you can easily find important announcements, time schedule, starting lists and results via this app.

The Sportity App is available for free on Android and Apple systems and is compatible with both tablets and smartphones. The password is TRR2020. You can pass this app and password on to everyone!

Here is the Announcement. Registration for Dutch skaters as usual, so via our website, and skaters from other countries via the IMSSC website.


Dankzij onze adverteerders kunnen wij al deze mooie wedstrijden organiseren. Ook adverteren via onze site en/of nieuwsbrief? Neem contact met ons op via!